French Department Round Up

Our French students are always learning more regarding how French speaking society has been shaped, socially and culturally. Have a read of some of the engaging ways our staff are achieving this for our students.

Watershed Cinema

A visit to the Watershed cinema in Bristol was organised by the French department on 6th of December to attend the special A-level study day on la Nouvelle Vague (organised by the BFI). Conducted in French and led by Dr. Emily Salines, Senior Lecturer at the University of the Arts London, the morning session compared Truffaut’s seminal Les 400 Coups, Godard’s A bout de souffle and Varda’s Cleo de 5 à 7 to contemporary films which present current social issues of class and ethnic divisions. In the afternoon, there was a screening of the film La Haine (1995). 

Language teacher Stephanie Dujardin-Viney said, "This was a very interesting and useful event which complemented the A-level course very well.”

One of our students that went along to the Watershed cinema found it incredibly beneficial stating, "As a French and Film Studies student, I found this experience hugely beneficial and interesting as I could analyse the various director's filmographies and their stylistic nuances. After the screening of La Haine in the afternoon we discussed the similarities, differences and influences within the Nouvelle Vague and its impact on filmmaking throughout the 20th and 21st century."


The 13 Desserts of Provence

To celebrate the end of the Christmas term, AS French students prepared some Christmas traditional desserts. Liam baked a 'pompe a l'huile' which is part of the traditional 13 desserts of Provence while Anais baked 'Bredeles d'Alsace', which are little buttery biscuits.

There was the opportunity for students to taste some of the 13 desserts which include dried fruits and nuts, fresh fruit, calissons d'Aix and nougat. If you want to know more about this Christmas tradition, you can follow this link:



Galette des Rois

To kick the new term off, the French department all celebrated the 'Epiphanie' with AS students by eating the traditional 'galette des rois' which is eaten in France on 6th of January. A student, Anaïs, kindly brought a freshly baked one. Students were able to eat a slice and one of them, Liam, was made king of the day by finding the 'feve' (little porcelain figure).



As you can see, there is a lot of engaging and creative ways that French is being taught to students at the college and students are always being immersed into the culture to greater their understanding of not only the language, but the country as a whole. If you would like to learn more about our language courses then please register to our next open event. Here you will have the opportunity to speak to staff and have great discussions about all the brilliant things this department will offer you!