Former English Student Carries Passion to University

Former student, Tilly, found a passion for English when she studied the course at The Henley College, this has lead her to continue to study the subject at The University of Brighton.

Recently ex English A-Level student Tilly, came back into the college while home from University to catch up with some members of staff. We got the chance to speak with Tilly about her time at the college, some of the highlights and how her passion for English grew while at The Henley College.


“My name is Tilly, I’m from Sonning common and I’m now at the University of Brighton studying a joint honours degree in English literature and language. 

I came to Henley in 2017-2019, I studied English literature and language, psychology and photography and I really enjoyed my time with all 3 A levels. 

My first impression of the college was very positive as I knew others who had previously attended and I knew that it would be the right place for me. 

I decided to come here as I knew that it would be a good fit for me due to what I had heard from other people. Seeing that I would be able to do all 3 of the subjects I wanted and the facilities available for photography helped to make up my mind. 

I think Henley College as a general memory is one of my best, as I was able to grow more into who I actually am and provide me and the others I know with the passions we have now. 

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do later in life, especially regarding university, however the time spent doing a levels helped me to decide that English was what I wanted to carry on doing. 

I think my English teachers throughout my time at the college helped me to decide on the route that I have taken and ensure that I am able to do so. The photography department also played such a role in ensuring that myself and others knew that we could do what we wanted and explore those possibilities. 

Once I have completed my degree, the next step is most likely to complete teacher training, and also take up a possible opportunity in Canada surrounding this subject. 

Once I got to University it was clear that the college prepared me more than I had realised, in terms of independence within a studying environment and the general independence that a university requires. 

The only advice I would have to those just thinking about their future, whether that’s doing a levels or not, is to ensure that you look into all possibilities and to choose what you could see yourself doing for at least two years, do not just stick to the first option or stay closed off to other opportunities.”


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