Find out why Fatima chose to study at The Henley College

“My name is Fatima, I’m British Pakistani and I come from High Wycombe. I’m currently in my first year of studying A Levels in English Literature, Philosophy and Psychology. "

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"I came to The Henley College in September 2021 and the jump from GCSE to A-Level was difficult but not impossible, and I would say I am getting on well. 

My first impression was that the College was a remarkable place. It held a natural essence to it along with welcoming people and a variety of resources tailored for each course provided by the college. I chose to study here due to the huge amount of support provided by the college, and I have found the interactions with staff and students to be positive. I also chose Henley as I knew that it would be interesting to get to know different people from various places rather than sticking to the same group of friends from my previous school. 

I was very indecisive when choosing my A-Levels and I kept switching from one subject to another. I had researched exam papers and expected standards, but this provided me with little satisfaction. Taking a break from the education portion and shifting research to a more personal side prompted a newfound interest in the courses I now study. I chose to study English Literature, Philosophy and Psychology not only because they sounded interesting but also because they each offer a variety of options, allowing me to be flexible and open-minded in my future choices. 

All three courses I study share a common factor. They teach us about ourselves, human experiences, cultures, and the world around us. Such courses allow people to unveil new opportunities and valuable knowledge while building upon character and a sense of individuality. 

I am keen on pursuing a career in Law and I find that these courses will be very advantageous to me due to the relevant range of skills and knowledge. I chose not to do Law as an A-Level as I want to keep my options open and have an open mind to other careers I may be interested in. However, in my free time, I do activities, work and research in Law to really find out how passionate and keen I am for having it as my career path. 

I would say my ambition is to find a career that not only encourages passion and enthusiasm but also grants me the chance to support the more vulnerable individuals in society. Many people don’t have the privilege of safety and support, and I hope that whatever I choose it will allow me to be a supporting hand and make a positive impact on people’s lives. 

The Henley College provides students with many opportunities through support, advice and good equipment and facilities. Students have an advantage and an enhanced chance of having a better future as the college consistently gives us updates and useful links, alongside beneficial events, guides and advice. 

English Literature requires analysing a multitude of texts and writing various essays. However, when you take a step back from the standards and exams side of English Literature, you will realise that it is a form of expression (much like art) as well as a mouthpiece for real-world issues, history, and identity. It is a course where uncovering symbolism, themes and context enhances creativity and curiosity. Books themselves are a window of escape to a different realm through mere ink marks on a white page. It is about finding meaning and life in the smallest of things and allowing you to become more observant and creative if you like. 

Many people only associate philosophy with old guys bickering with one another (although I guess there is some truth in that!). I used to think this way until I started asking questions and became very enthusiastic and found that there is so much more than you originally think. Yes, it involves close reading, clear writing, and logical analysis but it also compels you to rethink your role in this world, your identity, your choices, what is true and what is false, morality, the universe and much more. It allows you to think in new ways and opens your mind to new notions and theories. You'll notice that there's always been a concealed part of you asking the same questions that Philosophy may be able to answer. 

Psychology is a very appealing course. There is quite a bit of material to handle but if you have passion and interest, learning will be worthwhile. Psychology assists you in attaining a deeper grasp of human behaviour and mental processes. It is a course that allows you to be more mindful and additionally provides a broadened insight into mental health/ mental illnesses. This is beneficial not only to you but also to the people around you. It provides you with the added comfort of knowing that there is something out there that can explain a variety of issues that you could be concerned with. Not only are you able to understand and help yourself but you can assist others with the knowledge that you’ve acquired from this course.” 

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