Exams during lockdown cancelled

The Henley College is announcing that as of today, a decision has been made to cancel all exams taking place during the national lockdown. This is because of concern for the safety of our students and staff given the seriousness of the current COVID situation.  

We are working hard to ensure that all students will achieve the grades they deserve by the end of the year. Pearson, the awarding body that runs BTECs, has pledged to award a grade for any student who is unable to take this month’s exams and has “enough evidence to receive a certificate that they need for progression.” Those unable to take their assessment this month may also “be able to” take it at a later date. “If that is not possible, we will put in place arrangements to ensure you are not disadvantaged.” 

The Henley College’s Principal and CEO, Satwant Deol, said:   

I am truly saddened that we are having to cancel all January BTEC exams. This is a decision that we have not taken lightly, however taking into consideration that there is a national lockdown and rising Covid cases in our area, we have to balance the risk to the safety of our students, staff and community. 

This is a huge disappointment to students who have worked incredibly hard during these exceptional times. I just want to reassure students and parents that we are working with awarding bodies to ensure that our students will not be disadvantaged. I am extremely proud of our students who have shown strength and resilience, and of our staff who have gone above and beyond in their professional duties to ensure that students are supported, and that effective remote learning is taking place.  

It is frustrating that the government has made a national decision about A Levels and GCSEs but left individual colleges to make their own decision for our vocational students.  I believe that all our students should be treated fairly regardless of which ever pathway they have chosen to study.”  


Please continue to check our website and social media platforms for any further information. If students or parents have any specific concerns, particularly those who have already completed exams, please get in touch via tutors, teachers or via info@henleycol.ac.uk.  

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