Celebrating our 2021 Education Award Winners

Every year teachers nominate students who have gone that extra mile. Find out more about why they choose some of this year's winners...

Lottie Davies  

Lottie joined us from Beaconsfield High School for Girls and studied A Levels in English Language, Geography, Sociology and the Extended Project Qualification 

"During lockdown, when we were working online, one name kept popping up in the chat asking questions: Lottie epitomises the College themes of question/ seek/ grow. It has been a great pleasure to teach her because of her intelligent questioning about the world.  

Lottie’s Geography individual study was outstanding: An investigation into how crime is managed and monitored within the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Tower Hamlets and how the repercussions of crime affect residents in these areas? The detail of her research and her intellectual curiosity is certainly evidence of ‘seek’.  

This summer Lottie had signed up to volunteer at a game reserve in South Africa to work with rangers in community development and animal welfare at Kwantu Game Reserve. This is unlikely to happen, but once again symbolises Lottie’s willingness to ‘grow’. Next for Lottie is a Geography degree followed by a Masters’ in Critical Human Geographies. We wish her every success. - Sandra Wickens, nominated Lottie for the A Level Geography award 

"Lottie is an inspirational student. Despite having dyslexia she is striving to secure a place a Cambridge. She puts in maximum effort in all she does and is achieving outstanding grades in her A Level choices. She is always a pleasure to have in tutorial sessions and is an active debater and contributor." - Jay Smith, Lottie's tutor, who nominated her for the Personal Achievement award 

Isobel Yarwood  

Isobel joined us from Langtree School and studied Public Services Extended Diploma Level 3 

“Polite yet quiet student who has worked so hard over the two years, never missing a deadline (even submitting work that was seen as extra after unit had been reduced) worked conscientiously during lockdown to maintain her high level of coursework. Her work was always thoughtful, thorough and well referenced. A very disciplined and punctual student able to perform well in groups and in practical assessments as well as the rigours of continual coursework. Izzy plans on studying Policing at Cardiff Met University next year.” - Andrew Unsworth, who nominated Isobel as the joint winner of the Public Services Level 3 award 

Yabinta Gibba  

Yabinta joined us from Prospect School and studied A Levels in English Lit, Sociology, Politics, and the Extended Project Qualification 

“Yabinta is a quietly diligent student; working assiduously in the background without fuss or fanfare. She has exceeded her own expectations and is writing essays with a strong analytical and evaluative structure and punctuates her work with strong examples that demonstrate reading beyond the specification.” - Stephen Calcott, who nominated Yabinta for the A Level Politics award 

Ellen Fearnside  

Ellen joined us from Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge and studied Level 3 BTEC Engineering Extended Diploma Level 3 and A Level Mathematics 

“Ellen is an excellent student with an infectious enthusiasm for her studies. In addition to completing an Extended Diploma in Engineering, she also took an A level in Maths. Despite this additional workload, Ellen always completed tasks on time. The coursework she submitted was detailed, well-structured and of a high standard. In class, she was focused and asked thoughtful intelligent questions, and she was always willing to help other students who struggled with some of the more complex concepts that were covered during the course.  

With the lockdown and amount of remote learning that has taken place, this has been a very challenging year. Ellen rose to that challenge and developed excellent analytical and practical skills, which will undoubtedly help her succeed at university. We all wish her success in the future.”- Noel Woods, who nominated Ellen for the Engineering Extended Diploma Level 3 award 

“I nominate Ellen who has displayed outstanding leadership in her own learning whilst studying Engineering and A level Maths. Ellen has shown great resilience over lockdown with attending all her online lessons with full engagement.” Tyrone May, Ellen’s tutor who nominated her for the Personal Achievement award 

Jerome Rocks  

Jerome joined us from Shiplake College and studied Applied Psychology Extended Certificate and A Level English Language 

“Jerome is a truly remarkable young man. He is the embodiment of the human will to succeed. Jerome has faced significant challenges in his life but he has shown how determination to succeed can overcome all obstacles. Despite the challenges he has faced Jerome has not lost his sense of fun and he was always the heart and soul of the classroom. Jerome is one of the most hardworking students, he was always in my office asking for help to improve and push himself further. Jerome deserves to be celebrated and looked towards as an example of what can be achieved in the face of almost impossible odds.” - Mat MacMillan, who nominated Jerome for the A Level English Lanaguage award 

Anais Buche   

Anais joined us from Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge and studied A Levels in French, Photography and Textiles 

“Anais has worked tirelessly in the past two years to develop her language skills. She has shown dedication and endless motivation towards her school work, not only in school but also during the two difficult home schooling periods. She is an exemplary student who is a ray of sunshine in the classroom; She is good humoured, polite and curious and consistently tries to understand and better herself. May she continue to enjoy academic success in her bright future.” - Alison Jean-Jean, who nominated Anais for the A Level French award 

Greg Cornelius  

Greg joined us from Little Heath and studied A Levels in Physics, Mathematics and Further Maths 

“Greg has made a really positive contribution to single Maths A level classes. He is studious, always good-humoured and able to analyse class material quickly and then ask insightful and interesting questions. He is remarkably skilled at independent learning, a trait that served him extremely well during the difficult months of lockdown and online lessons.  His approach to maths is flexible, creative and painstaking in his attention to detail. This has allowed him to make great progress both in lessons and when learning on his own. He has shown great willingness to reflect on mathematical methods and concepts in an open way and this has led to a very rounded development of his mathematical knowledge and skills. Furthermore , his quiet, diligent and positive demeanour in lessons has a consistently positive affect on those around him; he was great to have in my classes.” - Alison Skeil, who nominated Greg for the A Level Mathematics award 

Tom Hutton  

Tom joined us from The Emmbrook School and studied A Levels in Drama and Theatre Studies, Ancient History and English Literature 

“Tom approached all aspects of the Drama and Theatre Studies course with genuine enthusiasm and commitment. His contributions to both theory and practical lessons were exceptional.  He was cast in the lead role of Billy Flynn in the College production of ‘Chicago’ and was ready to give a first class performance before the production was cancelled due to the pandemic. He more than made up for this with his performance contributions to his A Level practical project in which he played a range of roles that demonstrated his acting ability to great effect and also his flair for comedy. His performance as a camp Hitler will be remembered by all who saw it.” - Neil McCurley, who nominated Thomas for the A Level Drama and Theatre Studies award 

Bryony Schroder  

Bryony joined us from Wycombe High School and studied A Levels in Economics, Classical Civilisation and English Language and Literature 

“Bryony has been a consistently excellent student of economics at the college and fully deserves this award. Always willing to contribute to lesson activities and help others in the class, she has proved herself particularly able with regard to thorough analysis and evaluation in her essay writing. Moreover, throughout the pandemic she has risen to the challenge of more independent learning to supplement online teaching. Her next step is Oxbridge and I am very confident she will again excel in the stimulating academic environment.” - Paul Morse, who nominated Bryony for the A Level Economics award 

“Bryony brought a great many qualities to her English lessons: good nature and good humour; an engaged and conscientious approach to learning; enthusiasm, knowledge and insight. She excelled in her analytical work, writing cogent and discerning responses to a wide range of texts. Her creative work was perhaps even more exceptional, especially the piece of speculative fiction she produced for her coursework folder - an unnerving yet scintillating story that will live long in the memory!” - Adrian Blamires, who nominated Bryony for the A Level English Literature and Language award 

Sam Howie Hunt 

Sam joined us from Brentside high school and studied A Levels in Maths, Biology and P.E. alongside the Elite Rugby Programme 

“Sam is studying Biology, Maths and PE and has successfully captained the Rugby side this year. Sam has led the team with fantastic professionalism, courage and heart whilst managing the academic demands of his course. Sam has progressed incredibly well on the pitch and is really showing the way on what it takes to compete at a high level. His dedication and attention to detail to move his game on is outstanding. Sam has represented Ealing Trailfinders Academy this year and we look forward to seeing Sam progress onto bigger things next year. We are incredibly proud of the progress Sam has made on the pitch but more importantly how he has conducted himself and led the team to be a real tight bunch of friends outweighs the on-field stuff. This is one of the hardest things to do as a captain and for someone so young to do it so well is quite amazing. - Tom Redfern, who nominated Sam for the Rugby award 

Thomas Percival-Stein  

Tom joined us from Bourne End Academy and studied A Levels in Photography, Psychology and Film studies 

“Tom has been an outstanding photography student this year. Exploring techniques in both film and digital he has pushed boundaries of photography in order to realise his ideas, based on the theme of dreams. Every technique we suggested Tom took it on and excelled, whether it was studio portraits, darkroom work, Photoshop or colour processing he pushed everything to its limits producing excellent work. Tom is a diligent and hardworking student with a strong commitment to Photography and is studying it next year at university.” - Lillian Newman who nominated Tom for the A Level Photography award 

Daisy Weiser  

Daisy joined us from Gillotts School and studied A Levels in Drama and Theatre Studies, Textiles and Film Studies 

“Daisy has been outstanding, as her tutor I have recognised her commitment to study Despite it being a tough year Daisy has shown resilience in lockdown, and was always supporting other students and staff.” - Tyrone May, Daisy’s Tutor, who nominated her for the Personal Achievement award 

Molly Shapland   

Molly joined us from The Piggott and studied A Levels in Environmental Science, Biology and Sociology 

“Molly is an intelligent young girl who is going to achieve great things in her life. She has always shown a fantastic positive attitude in and outside the classroom and discussed complex environmental issues with passion and enthusiasm which reflected in her outstanding performance in the course. I wish Molly all the best to her future and I am looking forward to seeing her making a great impact on our planet! - Marco Azevedo, who nominated Molly for the A Level Environmental Science award 

Luke Scarborough  

Luke joined us from Claires Court Senior Boys and studied A Levels in Criminology, Philosophy, English Language and Law 

“Although Luke joined the Henley College in September 2019, it was not until the end of March 2020 when he decided to pursue an A Level in Law. This was in addition to his other chosen subjects & was of course, during the imposed national Coronavirus lockdown, when all teaching was being conducted online via Teams. When he first approached me via email & asked if I would consider him for Law, I was very sceptical as to the viability of catching him up on 7 months’ worth of year 1 teaching, but Luke was determined & adamant that he could succeed. I put together a scheme of work & together, we executed a teaching timetable that took him through all of the Year 1 subject areas. This was no mean feat, since it involved Luke getting to grips with three fairly large Law modules, (exactly half of the A Level syllabus), in a very short space of time, (about 3 months). In that time, Luke fully applied himself to his A Level Law studies & he was always an absolute pleasure to teach. He consistently arrived fully prepared for all of his lessons and he demonstrated a keen interest in the subject. When face to face teaching resumed in September 2020, Luke maintained a superb momentum throughout a very difficult, final year of study, as we continued to grapple with the effects of the pandemic. There is no doubt that he has a real flair for Law. A dedicated & committed individual, Luke deserves every success.”  - Chimene Livingstone, who nominad Luke for the A Level Law award 

“At the beginning of the Covid lockdown in March Luke recognised that he had additional time on his hands and rather than allow this opportunity to pass him by he decided to undertake the considerable task of a 4th A Level. He has worked diligently with his Law teacher to ensure that he caught up with the work he missed in the first half of the year and is on track to do extremely well in the summer exams.” - Jay Smith, Luke’s tutor who nominated him for the Personal Achievement award  




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