Bank of England meets The Henley College

Business and Economics students from across the college were invited to attend an academic lecture presented by William Durham - Head of Risk Methodology from The Bank of England.

Nearly 100 students gathered to learn more about the role the Bank of England contributes to the measurement of the UK economy as well as learning more about monetary policy and how the economy is supported by the use of Quantitative Easing and Interest Rates. Students learned about the impact of Supply Shocks on the economy as well as looking at how Brexit may impact on the UK economy. 

Mr Durham ended his talk with some career guidance on Careers at the Bank of England which would interest any student with positions in HR to Communications to Information Technology and of course analytical  based opportunities for those academics with a keen interest in economics and mathematics. 

Lecturer of Business, Sarah Price adds “It was fantastic to have William come to our college to provide students with an interesting and informative account on key Economic functions that impact on society as a whole. The Economic impact plays a large part of the academic curriculum for Business students and it was engaging to have an expert perspective and insight which will no doubt further enhance the learning of the students and capture their interest in this dynamic topic of interest. I would personally like to thank Mr Durham for selecting the Henley College to provide this valuable learning masterclass to our students. I would also like to pay thanks to the students who attended who asked intelligent questions which showed their interest and engagement in this area of Business”

Economic tutor Paul Morse said – “I'm sure the economics students found the lecture extremely illuminating and it clearly stimulated their desire to further investigate the mechanics of monetary policy measures.

In particular the very clear analysis of the Bank's role in promoting stability and confidence in an uncertain environment was well received.”

A final thought from Principal Satwant Deol – “It was a terrific event. I was so pleased that our students were actively engaged in hearing about the work of The Bank of England particularly now during challenging times in Britain and globally. It is reassuring to know that our money is safe and being looked after and wisely invested by the Bank of England and that they are independent from the Treasury.”


We aim to have regular external lecturers and guest speakers come in to speak to our students with the aim to inspire, educate and encourage different ideas of thinking, particularly when thinking about their next steps after college.

If this is something you would feel that would benefit you while you are studying, please come along to our final information event of 2019 to discover more regarding the college and what we can provide for you! Sign up to our Tuesday 26th event below.

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