2020 Education Award Winners

The full list of this year's Education Award winners.

Every year teachers nominate students who have gone that extra mile while studying at the Henley College. Read on for the full list of 2020 winners.

Steph Preston, Principal's Award

Steph has had a profound and wide-reaching impact on the college community.  As the college EDI (Equality Diversity Inclusion) officer, Steph has strived to make The Henley College an environment where every student regardless of gender, race or religion feels that they are important and that their voices are heard on all levels.  Steph has also been an integral part of the EDI events that we hold for our student body.  Steph is always looking for new and innovative ways in which to involve a wider number of students and to open up conversation amongst young people raising awareness of issues including, but certainly not limited to, mental health problems, different faiths, students with disabilities, and LGBT+ issues.

As a member of the LGBT+ community, Steph knows only too well how difficult it can be to find acceptance amongst peers and how important for young people’s mental health this acceptance can be.  Steph has worked tirelessly with the college Student Services team and tutors to implement changes that the student body has requested.  Most recently Steph was selected from thousands of applicants to partake in Stonewall’s Youth Summit to discuss with 100 like-minded students how they could best tackle LGBT+ inequality amongst young people.  Participation as a Stonewall Ambassador has been made alongside an already considerable workload and demonstrates Steph’s passion and determination to always be at the forefront of change.

Emily Foster, Principal's Award

"From the moment Emily started at the College, it was clear she was going to make change and be actively involved with the student body.  She was a member of the student leadership group,  joining all the committees she could and providing invaluable student viewpoints.  Emily was enthusiastic and a real asset to Student Services during her time at the College.

She ran for Student President and earned this position.  She has been so proactive and helpful in this role, liaising with the principal and SLT, the governors and external agencies, including OFSTED who were really impressed with her.  She was has been an outstanding and invaluable member of our College community making changes to the Welcome Day, EDI, Enrichment, Student Behaviour  - and has promised that her union will pay for an outside table tennis table as well.

She was a very active member of the Theatre community at the college, stage managing and offering technical support to the public shows but also giving up her time to help out with assessments.

She is a very warm but forthright young woman who knows how to form an opinion as part of a world view rather than living in a personal bubble. She has shared this attitude to help others build resilience and tenacity.

I am sure she will be successful in whatever she decides to do and we will miss her terribly." -  Satwant Deol, Principal


Daniel Brannan, A Level Spanish

“Daniel’s thirst for learning and knowledge are compelling.  He has been very dedicated and interested throughout the Spanish A Level course and his efforts deserve to be recognised.  Enhorabuena!” - Ana Jimenez De Antonio, Spanish Teacher

Emily Button, A level Photography

“Throughout the past two years Emily has been a friendly, committed and hardworking student in Photography.  Her dedication to the subject, particularly when working in the darkroom, has seen her become an outstanding printer creating some fantastic photographic images for her projects.  Emily always looked to improve her work and regularly sought advice from staff, following the guidance and going above and beyond to produce creative and interesting work.

Emily has been wonderful to teach during her time at the college and we are excited to have her back next year for the new Level 4 Foundation in Art, Media and Photography course.” - George Bull, Photography Teacher

Olivia Coles, A level French

“Olivia has been nominated for the French award due to her sheer commitment and resilience throughout the course.  A Level French was a bit difficult to start with for Olivia, but she has worked very hard, attending extra workshops weekly, joining extra events and even spending time in France over the summer last year to improve her listening and speaking skills.  As a result, she has made great progress, achieving top grades and has gained more confidence. 

Olivia has been a delight to teach and I wish her every success for the future.” - Stephanie Dujardin, French Teacher

Saoirse Coveney, A level Geography

“When other tots were frustrating their parents at the age of two with the dread question ‘why?’ Saoirse was already showing her talents and asking ‘where?’.  When wearisome children on car journeys asked, ‘How much further?’ I am sure Saoirse was there with a map reassuring her parents with ‘Not far now!’

Saoirse is a natural.  She sees geography all around and this has made it a pleasure to be her teacher.

This is what she says, ‘From a young age I have been inspired by the work of naturalist and pioneer David Attenborough and more recently I researched the impact of plastics on our oceans for my Extended Project Qualification’.

Saoirse’s Geography coursework 'How environmentally sustainable is Totnes?' was outstanding.  It was an in-depth investigation into one town’s environmental planning and Pat Fleming from Greener Henley firstly could not 

believe that it was not undergraduate work and secondly asked if Saoirse would go and give a talk to their sustainability group, as he was so impressed.

This summer Saoirse was planning to take part in some voluntary work in Central America focussing on conservation and community development projects.  This exemplifies her enthusiasm and natural curiosity about the world.  She plans to study Geology at University.” - Sandra Wickens, Geography Teacher

Katie Cunningham, Pathways

“Staff unanimously nominated Katie for The Henley College Education Award for Pathways.  Katie has overcome a number of personal difficulties during the recent academic year with dignity and resilience.  Her enthusiasm, diligence and commitment to both her work and her personal programme have attracted positive comments from staff throughout her time in Pathways.  She is always ready to make the best use of new opportunities.  If you glance through Katie’s reports, you will regularly see the following keywords: focused, team player, contributor, enthusiastic, creative and conscientious.  Katie always works to the utmost of her abilities and endeavours to hand in high quality assignments on time.” - Mark Turauskis, Pathways

Joseph Day, A level German

“Joseph has a real interest, if not passion, for German and Germany.  He is interested in the language, the country, the culture and the history.  Joseph speaks confidently and fluently, he is happy to hold conversations on a wide range of topics, expressing his views and ideas coherently and with a good choice of vocabulary, he is able to understand what others say and can accurately pick up nuances and shades of meaning.

Joseph has made every effort to improve the accuracy of his written work, has attended the weekly workshops and completed all the homework to a high standard, often rewriting essays in the light of feedback received.  He is keen on understanding the details of grammar and can usually apply rules well. 

Joseph enjoyed the cultural and historical topics of the A Level course and particularly liked the work done on the film ‘Das Leben der Anderen’.  In addition to his other A Level subjects, Joseph completed an Extended Project, producing a short documentary on the effects that the German Empire (1871 - 1918) had on later German history.  Again, this shows his keen interest in German and Germany.  Joseph also recorded a short video, which can be viewed on The Henley College YouTube channel, explaining why German is a good A Level choice.

Joseph is planning to continue studying German at university.” - Alex Reich, German Teacher


Molly Drayton, A level English Literature

“Molly combines all of the best qualities of the best Literature students in one individual.  She balances technical knowledge perfectly with stylistic flair as a writer and intuitively finds the integral truth in each text.  Her work balances philosophy and pragmatism, reflecting not only her investment in academic study and practice, but also her ability to form her own ideas outside of the immediate.  Molly hasn’t just worked hard for herself, she has had an incredibly positive influence on her classmates, sharing her work and her understanding and raising the tenor of debate.  She is scholarly and generous hearted.” - Hannah Edwards-Arnison, English Teacher

Bernard Earnshaw, A level Mathematics

“Bernard has been a great student to have in Maths A Level.  He has consistently gone further than required in his learning, seeking out new material which would allow him to develop as a mathematician.  He has displayed great diligence, intellectual curiosity and persistence in his approach both in the classroom and in his own independent working.  He has always been willing to question both his own approach and the material we have used, leading to great strides being made in his mathematical understanding as well as making a very significant contribution to the learning of others in his maths classes. 

Bernard’s self-motivated and patient approach has led to strong performance in single maths and he took on the challenge of doing a Further Maths AS in his second year alongside his other subjects in order to strengthen his knowledge and skills base.  He is unfailingly cheerful and positive in outlook and his quiet, friendly and mature attitude both to his studies and his peers has led to his position as a very popular and valued member of his classes.” - Alison Skeil, Mathematics Teacher

Kie Francis, Personal Achievement

“Kie is studying Applied Science and he has demonstrated great resilience in his attitude toward learning this year, overcoming his SEN challenges and coping extremely well with distance learning due to the lockdown.  His teachers report that he has attended all Teams lessons and has engaged well and asked sensible questions.  Work is sent in before the deadline and resubmitted with corrections following feedback.  Kie struggled with working remotely to begin with, but has overcome this and shown that he has an excellent attitude and strong work ethic.

Kie’s attendance and participation in tutorial has been great, especially since the lockdown where he has been attending and engaging with online sessions.  Kie is a very polite and shy student who answers questions with great enthusiasm. 

Not only has Kie shown great commitment to his studies, he has embraced college life and involvement by representing The Henley College at cross country.  He attended a competition at the end of January, and he came second.  He will be going to Liverpool to represent Oxfordshire in the English Schools Cross Country Competition.

I believe Kie deserves to be recognised for his resilience in his college work and his contribution to The Henley College community by representing the college in sport competitions.” - Jessica Princivalle, Tutpr

Leah Hardy, A level Law

“Joining The Henley College in September 2018, Leah fully applied herself to her A Level Law studies.  She was always an absolute pleasure to teach.  She consistently arrived fully prepared for her lessons and she demonstrated a keen interest in the subject.  There is no doubt that she has a real flair for Law, and this will put her at a distinct advantage as a Law undergraduate at university.

Leah not only achieved an outstanding 100% in her summer 2019 mock exam, but she maintained this momentum and remained at the top of her year group throughout her second and final year of study. 

Leah has also been very willing to engage in extra-curricular activities and she has taken advantage of the opportunity to shadow a judge for a day at Reading Crown Court.

A dedicated and committed individual, Leah deserves every success.” - Chimene Livingstone, Law Teacher

Amy de la Harpe, A level Biology

“Over the two years that Amy was in my biology class, I was impressed by her outstanding commitment to achieving success in her academic career and her rare drive, determination and ambition.   Amy takes a meticulous approach to her study, questioning areas she does not have a clear understanding of and challenging herself with practice exam questions.  She has a desire to truly understand what she is studying and completed independent study throughout the course to ensure that she did.  Her work ethic is impressive, I do not think she missed a single lesson or task set.  Alongside this, Amy is willing to help and support her peers, often explaining problems to those she is working with, without any hint of condescension.  I feel sure she has inspired others to up their game.

Amy is a confident character, unafraid to express her opinion or question a point on which she does not agree, but also has a lovely sense of humour and enjoys a more relaxed and fun approach to study on some occasions.  She has been a pleasure to teach.

Biology is not the subject that Amy wishes to pursue at University, her true interest lies in mathematics, but despite this, she maintained her interest and consistent approach in all her subjects.  She is an outstanding student and an example to others.” - Rebecca Pitt, Biology Teacher

Alex Harvey, Personal Achievement

“Alex is a creative, clever and lively young man.  He has more resilience than a slab of granite and more heart than an ox.  Alex is about to enter his third year with us and has had his fair share of stops and starts due to circumstances out of his control.  His dedication to drama especially has been outstanding; but more than that he has contributed to the life of the college, engaging in several enrichment events and ensuring that he offers support to those who find themselves in similar situations to his.

Despite all of life's challenges Alex will be going to university and flying the flag for all that is great about himself and the college.” - Lisa Crew, Tutor

Declan Healy, A level Politics

“Declan is a mature and responsible student who has displayed an outstanding work ethic and diligent approach to his studies in A Level Politics. Through hard work and a commitment to the subject, Declan has made strong progress.  It is also noteworthy that Declan has to monitor his health and was hospitalised throughout January but, to his great credit, he did not miss a beat.  He is a tremendous asset within the class and supports his cohort both academically and administratively– I know that ‘Team Thatcher’s’ Team files don’t organise themselves!

Declan is an outstanding student and has a bright future ahead of him.” - Stephen Calcott, Politics Teacher

Sol Hewitt, A level History

“Sol has made an astounding effort in History this year.  Having moved from another school and missed some work, he got himself up to speed quickly and confidently.  Sol has worked diligently all year and has displayed a very sophisticated understanding of historical inquiry.  He did wonderfully in his mocks despite trying circumstances, and his coursework presented an interesting and unique approach to the inquiry at hand.  Sol’s achievements are even more admirable given his move away from home halfway through his A Levels, and his substantial commitments to Rowing.” - Alex Winch, History Teacher


Oscar Hewlett, A level Computing & IT

“From the moment Oscar started the course, it was clear to see how enthusiastic he was about Computer Science.  He had clearly read around the subject and frequently displayed that knowledge by answering questions on topics not yet taught.  He demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of the course, had an excellent attitude to his studies and always achieved high marks.

Computer Science is not just about understanding the subject but also about programming, and Oscar showed himself to be a very competent programmer.  He had an excellent aptitude for programming which, combined with his logical mind and outstanding mathematical ability, meant he was able to embark on the most challenging of programming tasks.

Oscar produced an excellent piece of course work demonstrating a high level of technical skill by solving a complex problem and producing a very good solution.  His write up was very detailed and he indicated throughout that he has thought out and understood every aspect of the solution he was solving.

Oscar is passionate about studying computer science and has been offered a place at Bristol University.  We wish him every success in the future.” - Andrea Abraham, Computing & IT Teacher

Connie Hubbard, A level Classics

“From the outset Connie fully submerged herself into the world of Classics.  It was clear from the very beginning that she was a student that was entirely dedicated to learning and as the course progressed this devotion to learning became abundantly clear with her increasingly superb essays containing interesting and sometimes quite controversial (in a good way) ideas.  Connie was interested in every aspect of the course, taking ideas she was intrigued by home to her family for further discussion, always a good sign of a deeply submerged student.  Once the Classics bug has bitten, I know for a fact that it bites deep, and Connie has been thoroughly wounded!  Her cheery disposition in the classroom lit up the room and as a teacher it is fantastic to see a student enjoying a course so much. 

Well done Connie, a thoroughly deserved award!” - John Bennett, Classics Teacher

Isa Hussain, Applied Science

“Isa is a consistently dedicated and committed student, who has pushed himself to achieve excellent results, relishing the academic challenge of the course. He is extremely self-motivated and takes responsibility for the path to advance his learning.  He has an excellent record of attendance, his work is always presented on time and compiled to an excellent standard. He has developed good practical skills, carrying out work safely and with care.

Isa can research thoroughly and intelligently and uses the information to write assignments that include fascinating detail and are interesting to read. He is a keen student in class who is eager to volunteer answers to any questions that are posed, and is a valuable and valued student in group work. As well as working well in class, Isa carries out a lot of independent study; the time and effort that Isa puts into his learning has resulted in him developing very good subject knowledge and understanding.  

Isa has been a pleasure to teach. Isa also successfully completed an Extended Project with great determination and dedication demonstrating his interest in medicine, showing that he can construct a coherent argument and express his ideas clearly. We wish Isa all success with his future.” - Amanda Roberts, Science Teacher

Jamili John, Foundation

“Jamali had a slightly shaky start to his first year in college but he has become a responsible, hard-working young man who has shown exceptional commitment and resilience since lockdown.

Jamali intends to continue at The Henley College with a vocational course in Business and I am sure he will take these fine qualities with him.  We wish him every success.” - 

Roxane Marffy, Tutor

Nathan Keates, Btec Sociology 

“Nathan came to The Henley College with a positive attitude to learning, a high level of intelligence and excellent grades, and this continued throughout his time here at the college.  During Sociology he regularly went above and beyond the level of expectation amongst students, achieving A* grades consistently throughout the two years, always completing the homework and activities set and participating in intelligent discussion/debate of different theoretical components required in the subject.  Nathan regularly demonstrated passion, enthusiasm and a thoughtful, inquisitive approach to critically analysing the often-complex viewpoints of theorists and his fellow students; he maintained careful, considerate viewpoints.  I was frequently asked for additional work, other books/resources on the topics covered and Nathan was always gracious and humble regarding his achievements in the subject (never once did he demonstrate arrogance or entitlement, despite being one of the most knowledgeable in the group).  It should also be mentioned that his behaviour was always impeccable.

Nathan informed me that he was interested in studying Criminology at university, particularly, due to an interest in the crime and deviance module covered in Sociology and I am confident in him succeeding in his future endeavours.  He has clearly gained in confidence in Sociology and deserves this year’s Education Award in Sociology.” - Charlotte Sado, Sociology Teacher

Emilia Kent, A level English Language

“Millie has worked consistently hard across the two years of A Level English Language.  She showed pride in her work and always pushed to achieve her best. Millie is a very enthusiastic and happy student who always participates in class discussions and supports her peers.  She deserves recognition for her hard work and high standard of work.” - Mathew McMillan, English Teacher

Larib Khan, Btec Public Service Level 2

“During the last year at The Henley College, Larib has displayed various skills and qualities that have made her outstanding academically and personally.

Larib has achieved distinctions in all her coursework assignments.  She is very good at meeting deadlines and effective in managing her time.  Her personality is friendly, very helpful and supportive to teachers and among her peers, always helping by giving additional encouragement and guidance to others with their work or just by being a kind friend.  Throughout the lockdown Larib has been particularly helpful in passing on information to her group, especially to the ones who may not have access to suitable IT sources and ensures that email messages sent out are passed on to the others.

Larib is planning on moving to the Level 3 Public Service course next year with the further intention of pursuing a career in Law.” - Kareen Everett-Brown, Public Service Teacher

Summer Knight, BTEC Public Service Level 3

“Summer has worked consistently well over the two-year course; her work is thoughtful and insightful, and she has been able to evaluate using research and statistics to support her understanding.

Summer has been a supportive and popular member of her group, often able to guide and instruct others, demonstrating her organisation and leadership skills.  This, whilst also managing her time coaching and playing netball to a high standard.

We are delighted that Summer has been accepted to Bucks New University to study Policing as she always intended to pursue a career in the Police Service.” - Andrew Unsworth, Public Service Teacher

Ben Lewis, A level Further Mathematics

“Ben is an extremely contentious student who works extremely hard.  In Further Mathematics he demonstrated an outstanding attitude to study, always completed the work he was set to the highest possible standard, enthusiastically worked through as many past papers as he could find and comfortably achieved the highest possible grades in all of his exams.

Ben not only worked hard to understand the more complex concepts within the Further Mathematics course, but he had a desire to comprehend the underpinning and context of the material covered.  He was always asking more searching questions in his pursuit to fully understand each of the topics and enjoyed bouncing off the other students, explaining his ideas to the rest of the class.

Besides A Level, Ben attempted some more challenging exams and did well, achieving entrance to the Senior Kangaroo in the Senior Maths Challenge and coming in the top 2/15th in the CTMUA, a maths-based university entrance exam.  For these he worked through many past papers and was keen to learn new mathematical techniques not taught on the maths course. He has also been attending the enrichment lessons and expanding his knowledge even further.

Ben has been offered a place at Warwick University to study Computer Science and we wish him every success in the future.” - Andrea Abraham, Mathematics Teacher

Sam Merefield, A level Media Studies

“Sam is an outstanding student who has consistently worked hard in Media Studies.  He has always maintained a polite and cheerful disposition in class and has been supportive towards other students on the course.  Sam has gone out of his way to seek feedback from teachers and acted on it to improve his work.  The music video he produced for the coursework element brimmed with mischievous wit and invention.  Sam has been a delight to teach for the two years he has been with us and has a bright future ahead of him.” - James Ashford, Media Studies Teacher

Emilia Miller, A level Art/Art Textiles

“Emilia is a mature student who has had to support herself throughout her A Levels.  To do this, she started her own business teaching Dance and often had to do five hours of teaching after a day at College.  It is rare to have a student with such drive, energy and ambition.  Emilia is my highest-achieving student and has tackled challenging subjects with intelligence and sensitivity and has grown as a person as a result. 

Emilia has been offered places at Oxford and Imperial.” - Claire Elmes, Art Teacher

Akbar Moradi, Business (Extended Diploma) Level 3

“When Akbar joined the Business Studies programme, he had challenges and obstacles that many of his peers did not have.  English was not his first language and his written and spoken skills were extremely limited.  To overcome these barriers to his learning, he involved himself in philanthropic activities outside college.

The Btec Vocational Business course is incredibly challenging, and we are proud to say that Akbar has not only fulfilled but surpassed the academic expectations that were put to him.  As a determined, hardworking, self-motivated individual with a can-do attitude he consistently performed at a high level throughout the two years of the course.

Akbar is energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, and respectful not only with his peers but also with his teachers.  Another admirable characteristic of Akbar is his tremendous work ethic that was valued by his peers and his teachers.  His infectious inspirational attitude will be a great asset on his life journey.  We wish him much success in the future.” - Eulinda Ogiste, Business Teacher

Nayha Nadeem, Travel & Tourism (Extended Diploma) Level 3

“Nayha began her time at The Henley College on the Level 2 Business and Travel Extended Certificates where, despite a lively class, Nayha was able to focus on set tasks and would always submit the work on time.  As part of the one-year course, Nayha completed a two-week work experience placement at a local primary school and received some excellent feedback.  At the end of the Level 2 course, Nayha was able to achieve a Distinction* for Business and a Merit for Travel and Tourism and progressed onto the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism.

Throughout the two-year course Nayha possessed an unremitting determination and remained very focused.  This resulted in her receiving a consistent success of nothing less than Distinction grades for her assessed work.  Nayha always contributed to class discussions and also possessed the skills to be able to work independently.

As part of the Events unit, Nayha ran an event within a small group at the River and Rowing Museum.  This involved independently liaising with the River and Rowing Museum to plan and run the event.  Nayha got a lot of enjoyment out of this and received outstanding feedback from the venue and from the people who attended the event.

I am confident that Nayha will achieve an outstanding grade overall for Travel and Tourism.  There is no doubt that Nayha is a student with much to offer.  She has clearly had the focus, commitment, drive and intellectual capacity to excel at The Henley College to the highest level and she will flourish in the opportunities offered to her in the future.  Nayha leaves college to study a degree in International Business at university.  We wish her every future success.” - Hannah McPhee, Travel & Tourism Teacher

Madison Nunan, A level Chemistry

“It has been extremely pleasing to see Madison grow as a student and become more and more confident in her abilities in the subject.  It was very clear from the start that Madison set very high expectations of herself, and she constantly strived to produce the very best homework answers and results in test papers that she could.  The fact that she was able to maintain this throughout the two years of the course shows her very strong work ethic and her commitment to independent study.

Madison chose to enter two external chemistry competitions: the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge at the end of the 1st year, and the Chemistry Olympiad half-way through the 2nd year.  These national competitions are designed to stretch the very best students, and Madison rose to these challenges admirably.  In both competitions she achieved results that placed her with the top chemistry students in the country; she achieved a Gold award in the Challenge and she was frustratingly two marks away from achieving a similar result in the Chemistry Olympiad which would have put her in the top 8% of the very best students.

As well as being very pleasing to see Madison grow and progress as a chemist, it was also pleasing to see how she matured and developed as a student.  Initially Madison was one of the quietest people in the group and would only work by herself.  However, as the course progressed, she became more outgoing and confident in herself, happier to help students around her and willing to join in activities that put her in situations that she found uncomfortable.  In every case, Madison never gave less than her best, even when tackling the most complex areas of the course.” - Colin Suttie, Chemistry Teacher

Tom Ostridge, Extended Diploma Creative Media Production

“Tom has worked incredibly hard throughout his time with us on the Creative Media Production course.  His desire to always better himself and learn new skills has led to him becoming an excellent filmmaker.  He is a polite and dedicated student, impressing all staff every step of the way.  His passion for the subject has gone further than just the course: he has taken part in the highly regarded BFI Visual Effects and Animation residential, ultimately helping him decide on his next step.  It is this attitude to push himself that sets Tom apart and will put him on the path to future success.” - Sarah Wilson, Creative Media Production Teacher


Richeal Owusu, Business (Level 2 Certificate)

“Richeal, who joined us in our Business Level 2 class at the beginning of the year, is a quietly spoken and studious student who sees education as a priority.  Richeal came to the UK from Ghana in 2017.  She was only entered for a limited number of GCSEs and as a result was offered a place in Level 2 Business. 

We were pleased to see how Richeal flourished in the learning environment at The Henley College.  Although shy and soft-spoken, her aptitude and ability shone through in her assignments, each one meeting Distinction standard at the first submission.  In fact, most of her research and notes indicate a mastery of detail required at a higher level.  Her use of terminology and her ability to co-relate factual information from her research to the assignment brief within case studies ensured that her assignments stood well above those of her peers. 

Furthermore, Richeal has shown herself to be a kind, co-operative and gentle person, who is also able to lead a team, and get the team-task completed to a high standard by everyone in the team.  She has shown a maturity beyond her age. 

We are delighted that Richeal has applied to study Business Level 3 at The Henley College.” - Swapna Jare, Business Teacher

Daniel Pitt, A level Psychology

“Daniel came to The Henley College with average expectations and grades.  However, Daniel has never been an average mind nor an average person.  In my Psychology lessons he was exceptionally well prepared before class, knowledgeable in discussions, full of insight, showed passion for discovering more about both human behaviour and emotion.  After class he would stay to ask me if I had any books to recommend and he would order them and read in his free time.  Daniel has not only developed his academic skills, though, he became a ‘go to’ person for his peers any time there was a class assignment.  I would often observe him patiently re-teaching his mates who perhaps did not quite understand or who needed clarification.  He was loved and approachable and a humble young man.  

Daniel has decided to study to become a psychotherapist.  It is not a surprise, as he himself had to also go through the difficult loss of a friend and has pulled through, becoming a compassionate person even more in tune with the range of human emotions, willing to put himself out there and to help untangle them in others. 

Daniel has blossomed both academically and in his character and as his teacher I have enjoyed spending time teaching him and knowing him.  Daniel’s education at The Henley College has been holistic.  He fully deserves this year’s Education Award in Psychology.” - Snezana Kordovan, Psychology Teacher

Lily Rixon, Personal Achievement 

“Lily moved from her family home in Devon to attend The Henley College due to the great range of different subjects available.  She now lives with her grandmother in Sonning Common. 

Lily is not only an exceptional student but also an absolute joy to have around the college, constantly smiling and always helping out.” - Hannah Pople, Tutor

Sophie Rouse-Jennings, Engineering (Extended Diploma)

“Sophie joined The Henley College to study Engineering, in which we hope she will build a successful career.  During the two-year course at the College, we have watched her blossom from a rather shy and quiet young person into a confident and extremely disciplined student.

In her first year, Sophie appeared to be somewhat lacking in confidence; however, during her second year at the college her energy and positive nature shone through.  As Sophie’s confidence grew, her standard of work improved, and she showed excellent knowledge of the subject and strived to meet her targets.  She worked very well alone and equally well as a team player.  She was self-assured enough to ask questions and share her findings in a group, or on a one-to-one basis.

Sophie has worked incredibly hard and with a fierce determination to succeed during her time at the College and has become an integral part of the Engineering Department.  She volunteered to assist during our open evenings and was complimented by many of the visiting parents for her enthusiasm for engineering.  This undoubtedly contributed to an increase in applications for the next academic year.

Sophie was a student on a mission and achieved distinctions in most of the second-year units.  She applied for a degree course in Engineering Product Design and received an unconditional offer.  Sophie was a pleasure to teach, always worked purposefully in class, had excellent attendance and always met homework deadlines.  We wish her every success in the future.” - Arun Kachhwaha and Mark Beynon, Engineering Teachers

Ethan Rogers, Sports & Exercise Science (Extended Diploma)

“Ethan proved to be a well-organised and highly committed student over the course of his two years on the BTEC Sport and Exercise Science course.  Ethan was also a valued member of the college AASE rugby squad during this time and deserves recognition for successfully combining the demands of both pursuits.  This required perseverance, tenacity and motivation and honed his strong teamwork skills.  Ethan's commitments also included representing Luxembourg on the Rugby Sevens circuit, despite this he achieved an excellent overall grade for Sport and Exercise Science.  Ethan has been dedicated, capable and highly motivated, popular with both his peers and with staff at college.” - Danny Batty, Sports & Exercise Science Teacher

Harry Smith, Personal Achievement

“Harry studied BTEC L3 Health and Social Care at The Henley College, intending to study for a degree in Mental Health Nursing.  He has a place at Westminster University, Reading site, for this autumn.  His placement last year was at The Royal Berkshire Hospital, where he made a very positive impression.  Although Harry was fighting against significant challenges, his assignments were always at distinction level. 

Harry played an active role in many cross curricular elements of the college. He was in the Student Leadership Group in year one and was actively involved in the EDI event that was held.  He then became part of the Student Union in year two and received safeguarding training so that he could be a Student Welfare Officer.  He also became a mentor for a new student who was struggling to settle in.  Harry would come into Student Services to collect the student full of assurance and positivity and made a lasting impression on his charge, encouraging them to engage and succeed in all aspects of college, his kindness and compassion quelling any fears or barriers. 

Harry is a positive, keen and enthusiastic student who worked hard, joined in and was an incredible asset to the college during his time with us.  Always willing to help out, always polite to his teachers and peers – he will bemissed.  Outside of college, Harry was a performer with an Oxford Theatre group and in college he demonstrated excellent knowledge of technical theatre and was invaluable as Assistant Stage Manager during the enrichment shows, as well as helping to rig the lighting and sound equipment and mucking in with whatever was needed. 

Harry’s resilience, drive and willingness to take on anything, regardless of the challenge, will ensure that he not only succeeds but thrives at Reading, and his infectious positivity will go on with him as he enters the world of work.” - Lisa Crew, Tutor

Michael Stubbs, Performing Arts (Extended Diploma)

“Michael has approached all aspects of the course with a genuine desire to improve his (already excellent) skills.  He played a leading role in the college production of ‘Cabaret’ and when the college entered lockdown was rehearsing the lead role in ‘Equus’.  Unfortunately, that performance had to be cancelled, but we have no doubt it would have reflected his ability.” - Neil McCurley, Performing Arts Teacher

Katy Taylor, A level Environmental Science

“In March 2019, I received an email stating: ‘I will not be able to attend tomorrow’s lesson on Friday 15th March because I am going to the climate strike in London for the day’.  This was Katy showing early signs of being an environmental activist worried about the global crisis that we are currently living in.

When I think about who, in the future, might come up with a solution for an environmental issue of global importance, Katy's name always pops into my mind, not just because of her passion but mainly because of her ‘hands-on’ approach and positive attitude to every single challenge that she is presented with.  I am sure that she will be successful in any course and become an exceptional professional and human being.  I am looking forward to seeing in the media in maybe 10 years’ time, the heading: ‘Female scientist leading solution on the current global crisis’!” - Marco Azevedo, Environmental Science Teacher

Louisa Townsend, A level Economics

“Louisa fully deserves the Economics award due to her remarkable levels of determination to succeed and an enviable work ethic which she consistently displayed throughout the whole of the course.

An extremely enthusiastic and very well motivated student, Louisa excelled in completing individual tasks and moreover contributed effectively in teamwork.  She produced a number of comprehensively researched presentations on both micro and macroeconomics and confidently explained her arguments to the class.

In particular, her attention to detail enlivened her analysis and promoted greater depths of evaluation.  This was clearly evident in her essay writing which improved appreciably in terms of both technique and ability to apply real world issues to abstract theory.

With regard to personality, one could not wish to teach a more receptive, likable and industrious student, and Louisa’s unassuming and easy-going manner certainly endeared her to her peers.  She was always prepared to help others understand challenging concepts and her keen sense of humour resulted in her being a most popular class member.

In conclusion I have no doubt whatsoever that Louisa will thrive in higher education and is definitely a young lady of considerable promise.” - Paul Morse, Economics Teacher

Alexandra Turner, A level Dance

“Alexandra has been extremely hard working and dedicated in both her practical and theory work.  Alex has taken part in the college musicals and dance shows and has shown true professionalism throughout her whole time at The Henley College.  She has been a pleasure to teach and has made fantastic progress. 

In September, Alex will go on to study Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban.” -Victoria Harley, Dance Teacher

Caitlin Tubbs-Galley, A level Philosophy 

“Caitlin always came to class with a smile on her face and prepared to work hard.  Despite some challenges, Caitlin always tried her best and was willing to push through to get the best results.  She showed maturity in her work ethic and always welcomed feedback.  Caitlin deserves recognition for her determination to succeed.” - Mathew McMillan, Philosophy Teacher

Kira Vida, Foundation

“When Kira began college she was an extremely shy and quiet young woman and, despite English not being her first language, she has performed well.  Kira has worked consistently hard and during lockdown has continued to participate, despite technical problems, and engage as fully as she has been able.  I have also been impressed with her empathy and consideration for other members of the class.

Kira intends to continue at The Henley College with a vocational course in Business; we wish her every success.” - Roxane Marffy, Tutor

Frances Wahlen, A level Physics

“Frances is a student who has exceeded all expectations set of her in Physics and has been a delight to teach over her time at the college.  She has grown ever more confident in her abilities and is truly a reflection of The Henley College ethos of ‘Come questioning, Go seeking, Grow’.

Frances has valiantly studied A Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Physics and succeeded in all of them, no mean feat as they are subjects that require plenty of study time.  She has been able to balance the requirements of those subjects along with her extra-curricular activities, being involved with the student council, having a part-time job and spending time with the performing arts.

Frances has been involved with many other areas in the college and is a regular helper at open evenings, bringing a student voice and perspective to give advice to potential students.  She has also helped with a lotof other student union work, from parties to improving student welfare, to helping with advertising to making the student experience better, Frances has made The Henley College a better place by being a student here.

She leaves us to go to university and we wish her well and hope that she improves the institution she attends as much as she has The Henley College.” - Kevin Jones, Physics Teacher

Emily Whybrow, A level Physical Education

“Emily is knowledgeable and inquisitive about all aspects of the Physical Education curriculum.  She has produced highly articulate written coursework and extensive practical evidence, whilst also performing exceptionally well in all theory assessments.

Emily is a talented sportswoman competing for both Reading Athletics Club and playing hockey for Phoenix and Ranelagh Hockey Club. 

Emily is enthusiastic and determined and I wish every success in her Prosthetics and Orthotics degree.” - Rebecca Honour, Physical Education Teacher

Abigail Wood, A level Ancient History

“At the end of the first lesson that Abigail (Gaile) had with me she stayed behind to tell me that her ambition was to be a Professor of Ancient History specialising in the Minoan Civilisation.  I thought ‘Wow, this is a student who is going to do well on this course!'  I was correct and Gaile has excelled in Ancient History.  Every aspect of her studies is assiduously attended to and, coupled with her obvious interest in all things ancient, has subsequently produced a model student.

During the lockdown period Gaile not only continued to study our course, but she also continued to study the Minoans, producing a fascinating self-titled essay concerning how far Minoan pottery can inform us about aspects of Minoan society.  I hope that Gaile can continue on her trajectory to that professorship.  I am looking forward to eventually reading her thesis on the Minoan world. 

Well done Gaile, a thoroughly deserved award.” - John Bennett, Ancient History Teacher

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