Steering Group


EDI Manager (Member of the Senior Leadership Team)/Minuting Secretary/Link Governor/Representatives from:- College Curriculum Areas; Henley Training Company; Student Executive; Upgrade; Senior Management; Personnel; Trade Unions.
Frequency of meetings: Once a term (additional meetings as required)

The Role of the EDI Steering Group

The EDI Steering Group is central to ensuring that EDI remains fully embedded in all areas at The HENLEY College. This is a vibrant and flourishing group which spearheads the many EDI initiatives taking place within the College. The Amnesty International Youth Group, Christian Union, International Relations Discussion Group and the LGBT focus groups meet regularly. EDI Events are held and have raised awareness of mental health problems, different faiths, students with disabilities, LGBT issues and the rights of women of Afghanistan.

The EDI Steering Group is at the heart of promoting awareness and understanding of difference, fostering good relations between all members of the College and the provision of opportunities to advance equality all of which were key to the College achieving Leaders in Diversity in December 2014.

The responsibilities of this committee include: