Virtual Subject and Course Taster Sessions

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Join us on Tuesday 26th January from 6pm-8pm.


This is another brilliant opportunity to virtually meet the teachers and find out more about the specific courses you want to study.


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The taster sessions will give you the opportunity to:

Meet the teachers

Find out more about specific subjects

Typical destinations

Career pathways



Assessment methods


Full Schedule

Sessions will be between 25-30 minutes unless otherwise specified.  

At the relevant time click on the name of your chosen session to access the event via Microsoft Teams.  


Senior Leadership Team (session approx. 45 minutes) 

>The team will be discussing our new Aspire Programme for gifted students, how we prepare our students for their futures with subject combinations and employability skills, and our excellent partnerships with high profile companies including Cisco, Softcat, Microsoft and BMW. 


> Politics A level 


>ICT and Computing Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Information and Creative Technology Level 2 (Extended Certificate) 

Earth Sciences 

>Environmental Science, Geography and Geology A levels 

Engineering (vocational) 

>Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Engineering Level 2 (Extended Certificate) 


>A level English, English Language, English Literature, English Lang & Lit 


>A level Psychology and Applied Psychology (Extended Certificate) 

Health and Social Care  

>Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Level 2 (Extended Certificate) 

Creative Arts 

>ArtTextiles, Photography and Graphic Communications (Animation) A levelsand Creative Arts Level 4 (Foundation Diploma)  



Public Services (session approx. 45 minutes) 

>Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Public Services / Social Studies Level 2 (First Extended Certificate) 




> Economics A level 


>Computer Science A level 

Maths, Physics, Electronics and Applied Engineering 

>Applied Engineering (Extended Certificate), A Level Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Electronics 

Modern Foreign Languages  

>French, German and Spanish A levels 

Sociology and Criminology 

> Sociology A level and Applied Criminology   

Children’s Play, Learning and Development 

>Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Level 2 (First Award) 

Academic Sport courses (session approx. 45 minutes) 

>PE A level, Sport Science BTEC Level 3, New Sport BTEC level 3 Sport, Fitness and Personal Training, Level 2 Sport & Physical Activity  



Media, Film and Creative Media Production  

>Creative Media Production Level 3, Film Studies and Media Studies A levels 



Business (A level )

> Business A level 

Business (vocational)

>Business Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Business Level 2 (Level 2 Certificate) 

Human Biology, Biology and Chemistry 

>Applied Human Biology (Extended Certificate) and A Level Biology and Chemistry  


>History, Ancient History and Classics A levels 


>Psychology A level and Applied Psychology (Extended Certificate) 

Health and Social Care  

>Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Level 2 (Extended Certificate) 



Sport Activities (session approx. 45 minutes) 

>Elite Sport, Development Spork and Enrichment  

Public Services (session approx. 45 minutes) 

>Level 3 (Extended Diploma) and Public Services / Social Studies Level 2 (First Extended Certificate) 



Dance, Theatre Studies, Music and Performing Arts   

>Drama & Theatre Studies and Dance A levels, Music Performance & Production Level 3 (Extended Diploma)Performing Arts Level 3 (Extended Diploma) 




> Accounting A level  

Travel and Tourism  

>Travel and Tourism Level 3 (Extended Diploma) 

Applied Science (Medical) and Forensic & Criminal Investigations 

> Applied Science (Medical) (Extended Diploma) and Forensic & Criminal Investigations Level 3 (Extended Diploma) 

Law, Religious Studies and Philosophy  

> Law, Religious Studies and Philosophy A levels 

Sociology and Criminology  

>Sociology A level and Applied Criminology (Extended Certificate) 

Foundation Learning 

>The Foundation Programme and Pathways Entry 1, 2, 3 and Supported Internships for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. 


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