Science and Maths

You'll have heard a lot about STEM subjects, including that they are the gateway to well-paid jobs in related professions and industry. If you have a flair for problem-solving, a hunger for facts and an eye for details then you may wish to consider this study route. 


STEM specialists (science, technology, engineering and maths) are in huge demand in the UK, and STEM qualifications are sought after in the high skill, high wage economy. If you are interested in this area of study you can look forward to a rewarding career in the future. 

If you haven't decided what degree you want to do, then taking qualifications in Maths and Science will keep lots of options open. If you have plans to study a STEM subject at university, then Maths A level may be helpful. Maths is also an essential foundation for exciting careers in new technology, such as game design or app development, with these future opportunities ever increasing. 

Scientific subjects are crucial for students who want to become doctors, dentists, or vets as well as for a broad range of professional scientific roles in industry and government. The Henley College's Science teachers are keen to develop your exploratory skills. By the time you arrive at university, you will have good research skills as well as an ability to plan, carry out and report on the findings of your own experiments. 

Qualifications Offered


Applied Human Biology > Extended Certificate (Level 3)

Biology > A level

Chemistry >A level

Electronics >A level

Environmental Science > A level

Forensic and Criminal Investigations > Extended Diploma (Level 3)

Applied Science (Medical) > Extended Diploma (Level 3)

Geology > A level

Mathematics > A level

Further Mathematics >A level

Physics > A level



Environmental Science

Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences is the study of the planet we live upon. The rapidly changing scope and nature of the subject is reflected in the three courses available: Geology, Geography and Environmental Science. If you want to understand how our planet works, at depth and on the surface, to answer fundamental questions about the origin, development and the future of the Earth, these are the subjects to study. If you are concerned about pollution, air miles, sea level rising and clmate change then Environmental Science is perfect for you. Mass extinctions, fossils, minerals and climate change are all considered in Geology, and Geography looks at nature hazards, development, and the global institutions which aim to manage changes. 

Qualifications Offered


Geology > A level

Geography > A level

Environmental Science > A level

Student Profile


Saoirse studied A level Geography, Biology and Chemistry, achieving A*,A and B.

"I'm extremely lucky to have been taught by great teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate about their subjects and are always willing to go above and beyond to help. The Henley College has enabled me to flourish and grow into a more confident and independent person in addition to helping me achieve my academic potential.

I am always keen to recommend the College to prospective students as I feel my time at Henley has prepared me perfectly for the next stage of my life."

Saoirse came to the College from Langtree School, and is going on to study Geology at Imperial College London.


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