Media permeates every area of our lives, from the content we consume and create on our mobile phones, through to television, cinema and the visual images that surround us.

It is also a major employer in the UK, with a myriad of jobs in everything from TV, video and film production, through to journalism
and visual marketing. The media business contributes billions of pounds to the UK economy and that amount grows every year.
It is a young industry, hungry for new talent and keen to harness the digital skills and creativity of the kind of students who opt
for this area of study.

We are looking for students who are creative, talented, passionate, hard-working and ambitious and who can really benefit from
working alongside industry professionals to develop their skills and build their future. If you are the kind of person who watches the
TV and is interested in its production, loves the style and technical skill of cinema and photography or who wants to tell stories with
words and pictures, this could be where your future lies.

Your ambition may be to join the UK’s world leading visual effects industry developing next generation CGI, or you may want to make the kind of ground breaking documentaries that change the way people think. You could find your path in front of, or behind, a camera –
in conventional film, TV or photography or making waves on the internet. Media is at the very forefront of new technology, creativity
and innovation; it is a constantly evolving world and a very exciting one.

Qualifications Offered

Animation > A Level

Creative Media Production and Technology in Broadcast Journalism > Extended Diploma (Level 3)

Creative Media Production and Technology in TV, Radio and Film Production > Extended Diploma (Level 3)

Film Studies > A Level

Media Studies > A Level


Student Profile


Tom studied Creative Media Production Extended Diploma Level 3.

“The Creative Media Production staff were what stood out against other colleges. Their passion, kindness and drive to push the students, was incomparable. I feel that the College fully supported me throughout my time there. The CMP staff have always been incredible - checking in to make sure I am doing well with my studies and how I am at home. During my time at college, I believe that my greatest achievement was being able to find my next step in life, with help from my teachers. I will now be going onto university, whereas before, I had no idea what I would do after college. The College has massively helped me to work towards my future.”

Tom joined the College from Langtree School and is going on to study BA Hons in Post Production and VFX at The University of Salford.


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