Immersing yourself in the richness of language, culture and communication, you may not even be aware you’re actually developing key skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing.

These skills can take you a long way. Communication is at the heart of modern life, and to understand the nuances of language is a key that can unlock doors in life, business, travel or on any career path. Our students enjoy challenging reading and like to discuss and debate ideas expressed in language, whether written or spoken. Our teachers are passionate about what they teach and want you to enjoy your experience here and to succeed.
A Level courses in English Language are nothing like GCSEs. You will actively engage with everyday language and understand how it works. You’ll find out why people speak differently, how men and women use language, and how to use language to be a great communicator. In A Level English Literature, you’ll search beyond the characters and plot of books and think critically about how the author made their choices, as well as the social context of the work. Studying Shakespeare can be as much about Tudor politics and lifestyles as it is about the Bard himself.
Students of French, German or Spanish will be taught by native speakers and have the chance to travel and may participate in exchanges.
The foreign language skills you gain will be in demand by future employers, as well as equip you for future study of the subjects at university level. A recently published study showed that employees who use a foreign language in their work earn on average eight per cent more than their colleagues.

Qualifications Offered

English Language > A Level

English Language and Literature > A Level

English Literature > A Level

French > A Level

German > A Level

Spanish > A Level

Student Profile


Olivia studied Biology, French and Psychology A Levels and achieved 3 As.

“I loved the independence of being a student at the College and the friendly and calm atmosphere. The teachers were a really important reason as to why I enjoyed my courses. They were really supportive and very passionate about their subjects. It was easy to talk to them and ask for help whenever I needed it. With French A Level, there were many opportunities to go on college trips, for example we attended a seminar in Oxford by the director of the French film we were studying. The college has definitely supported me with my studies.”

Olivia joined us from Gillotts School, Henley, and is taking a gap year before going on to study Biology at university.


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