If you are curious about the world around you and how humans have made their mark on it, you may find yourself drawn to Humanities. Although the associated subjects are diverse and reflect the differing interests of our students, they actually have a lot in common. They
all look at various aspects of our world and people’s roles within it.

As well as being fascinating and rewarding to study, Humanities subjects are a fantastic way to prepare yourself for university and beyond, as you will learn transferable skills and acquire a knowledge and outlook on the world that will help you in any chosen career path.

Humanities will teach you to think clearly and rigorously and you will gain the ability to write lucidly and present ideas rationally. These
skills are essential in professions such as law, advertising, politics and journalism.

The information technology sector, accountancy, the sciences and management consultancies, are all enthusiastic about people who have studied Humanities because they know how to think coherently and excel in verbal and writing skills tests and logical reasoning.
If you are particularly interested in Philosophy, Henley is one of the only colleges in the Thames Valley to offer a formal Philosophy
qualification, with many of our students coming from a distance to study here.

Qualifications Offered

Ancient History > A Level

Classical Civilisation > A Level

Geography > A Level

History > A Level

Law > A Level

Philosophy > A Level

Religious Studies > A Level

Student Profile


Connie studied A Level Classical Civilisation, Ancient History and English Language & Literature (combined) and achieved three Grade As.

“I was attracted to The Henley College because it offered smaller subjects that no other local college provided. If I had gone anywhere else I wouldn’t have been able to study Classics or Ancient History so I’m very grateful to the College for the enjoyment that no other sixth form could give me.
I think without The Henley College I would never have achieved my goals and I would never have been about to study Classical Studies at University. The Henley College was perfect for me because it just let me get on with my own thing done in my own way. I couldn’t be happier with the boost the College has given me.”

Connie came to us from Langtree School and is going on to study Classical Civilisation at the University of Reading.


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