Coronavirus: Update

College status

The Henley College is closed until further notice. Please see the information below for further guidance.

Calculated grades: Information for students

Please see Update 3 April 2020 below

2020 Applicants

Please be reassured that there is a place for you at The Henley College and there is no reason to be anxious or worried. We are here to support your progression regardless of the wider circumstances. Please get in touch with if you have any concerns or worries. We are here for you.


Coronavirus Information

The Henley College is closely following the UK Government advice that is being issued to schools and colleges on how to respond to the COVID-19 virus situation. You can read the Government information here > 

The Government have also issued stay at home guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus infection, who may be displaying symptoms - you can view this information here.

We remind staff and students that general hygiene practice is an effective prevention against COVID-19 and other common seasonal illnesses.  More information can be found here.  You can also view the advice from the NHS here.

The College is monitoring and being responsive to any changes to the Government’s advice and we will update our website and college community accordingly, should the situation change.

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If you have an upcoming interview for The Henley College, the Admissions Team will be in touch in due course with further information, so please check your emails. If you have any queries, please contact

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The College will be holding a Virtual Information Event for parents/guardians of  Level 3 1st Year students on 2nd July, 6.00 – 7.00pm, to share our plans for returning to College in September. 

Parents/guardians should have received an invitation by email containing a link for attending. If you have not received the email, or require further help, please contact





Calculated grades: Information for students

Today, Ofqual have published guidance for students studying for the following qualifications: 

They have not yet published guidance for vocational and technical qualifications.  They are still working on an approach and will provide further information as soon as they can. 

Ofqual have published a letter for students, which can be found here.  We have also attached a copy for you to read. 

Colleges will be required to submit a centre assessment grade and a rank order for students sitting examinations this summer.  The deadline for this will be on or after 29th May.  This grade will reflect a fair and considered judgement of the most likely grades that you would have achieved if you had sat your exams this summer and completed any non-exam assessment.  Teachers will do this by referring to existing evidence and available evidence.  These grades will be subject to an internal quality assurance process, so that the grades submitted by the College are approved by the College Management Team, and to an external standardisation process carried out by Ofqual, before results are published. 

There is no requirement for additional work to be set for the purposes of determining a grade for students, and no student should be disadvantaged if they have been unable to complete work set after the college has been closed.   

Colleges have been instructed not to share grades or rank order with students or parents.  Please do not ask your teachers to do this, as they will not be able to tell you. 

The publication of results will be in August, and Ofqual are hoping to do this slightly earlier than they would normally do.  With regard to appealing grades, arrangements for this have not yet been finalised.  all we know at present, is that the normal arrangements for reviews of marking will not apply.  If you feel that your grade/s from the summer do not reflect your ability, you will have the opportunity to take exams in the autumn or in the summer of 2021.  If you choose to do this, both grades will stand. 

Information regarding; how grades will be calculated; completion of new work; external candidates; issuing of results; and sitting exams at another time; can also be found in the letter from Ofqual. 

Please do share this with your parents to keep them up to date with calculated grades. 

Update: 20 March 2020 

Update: 19 March 2020 

Update: 18 March 2020 23.00

The Government has this evening announced that schools and colleges are to close by the end of the week: More information >

Update: 17 March 2020 16.25

Our Senior Leadership Team have taken the decision to temporarily suspend face to face teaching for the remainder of this week, to allow the College to put in place an effective online delivery of the curriculum, in the event of a government decision to close. We are therefore asking that students do not attend College from Wednesday, 18th March to Friday, 20th March. For students who take coaches into College, the coaches have been postponed for those three days.

We will provide you with further information on Friday. Where internal assessments or practical exams are due to take place in the next two weeks, those assessments/exams will go ahead unless we tell you otherwise.  

Please can students ensure that they log-in regularly to their student email.