Study support

These pages contain information and guidance for prospective students and their parents/guardians/service providers.

For further help or information on any aspect of Upgrade Study Support please contact the College team:

Upgrade Study Support Services

All teachers at the College recognise that the priorities for most students are to do as well as they can in coursework and study effectively for exams as well as keep up their level of basic skills so that they can perform well in further study or at work. The work is demanding and if you have additional difficulties it can be almost impossible to achieve your best without additional study support.

How can Upgrade Study Support help you?

Firstly, you will be able to talk through any problems. This will give you a better understanding of why you find some areas of learning especially difficult and provide some options for improving your approach to these. Secondly, you will be offered extra tutoring help to make sure that you produce work that reflects your real ability. Finally, it is possible that you may be offered help in exams such as extra time or help with reading and/or writing.

When you apply to study at The Henley College.

Please note on the application form if you have a disability and/or learning difficulty or had exam access arrangements in the past. When you do this a copy of your application form will automatically be sent to Upgrade (our Study Support Department).

Some students will need support beyond one-to-one and exam access arrangements. For example, many prospective students with physical disabilities, those on the Autism Spectrum and their parent(s) can make an appointment to discuss their requirements before applying. To make an appointment to see Jan Nicholls (SENCO/Upgrade Manager) please ring 01491 634017.


Once term starts you will be given an appointment time to come for an assessment.
If you have been assessed before, please send a copies of your most recent assessment in with your application form. This will help our assessors and may mean you do not need to have a full assessment again. We also need to see details of the following if you have them:

The last seven points alone are not enough. All evidence is used in combination with a series of age appropriate tests.

If you have exam access arrangements due to medical reasons it may not be necessary for you to have an assessment: please telephone Upgrade Study Support on 01491 634016 or go to the office (D507) to discuss this.

Following Assessment

Depending on the outcome and the course you are studying, you may be awarded exam access arrangements such as extra time, rest breaks, a smaller room and use of a laptop or a reader/scribe. You will also be able to complete your personal ‘Recommendations’ that go to your tutors so they can better support you in the classroom.


Whilst studying at The Henley College all students can make a request for one-to-one learning. We have a team of specialist tutors who can guide you through your studies. If this is of interest to you please see Jan Nicholls (SENCO/Upgrade Manager).

Whatever your disability, visit the Upgrade Study Support Department so we can discuss and assess your needs and help that can be made available to ensure that your disability does not prevent you from learning.

Help could be in the form of:

or simply help in finding your way around College.


Students with physical or learning disabilities who decide to go to university may be eligible for the Disabled Student Allowance that gives the student access to financial aid for such things as specialist equipment. Evidence is required to access the DSA. Most Universities require a full DSA assessment: we may be able to put you in contact with an assessor locally, offering competitive rates. Please call (SENCO/Upgrade Manager) or go to: