Available Bursaries

Travel Bursary

The College 16-19 Discretionary Bursary Fund 2019-20. Enrolled students may apply for financial assistance for help with the cost of transport. The following guidelines apply:

Free School Meals

Were you entitled to Free School Meals at school? If so, you may be entitled to Free Meals whilst studying at college.
Students aged 16-18 at the start of their course (or aged 19-25 with an EHCP) and live in a household in receipt of the benefits listed below. A cashless system will be operating and your canteen account will be credited. Free College Meal application forms are available to download below. 

To apply you must provide a photocopy of one of the following documents with the application; without these documents your application will not be considered.

Vulnerable Bursary 

The 16-19 Guaranteed Bursary Fund is a £1200 grant for students who may have difficulties in completing their course because of financial considerations.

To be eligible for financial assistance from the 16-19 Guaranteed Bursary Fund you must be an enrolled student as defined by the College. 

Guaranteed bursaries will be awarded provided you meet one of the following criteria:

Applicants will be required to show proof of current benefit payments. For students in care or who are a care leaver, written confirmation of the applicant's current status will be required from the relevant local authority. 

If a student who has received financial assistance leaves before the completion of their course, they will be required to repay all or part of their grant.