Students visit the Bank of England

Every year, our Year 1 Business, Economics and Politics students get a chance to visit The Bank of England in London!

The students learnt more about the different roles of the Bank of England including Currency, Prices and Value of Money, Inflation and Deflation, Interest Rates, Quantitative Easing, The Financial System and Maintaining Stability and Monetary Policy

The museum was filled with interactive activities such as trying to balance out inflation to 2%, cracking the code to the safe using students’ knowledge of Monetary Policy as well as being able to hold a Gold bar at a today’s value of £372,688.

Raamie Falck and Arek Jeczalik (Year 1 Economic Students) said “We enjoyed being able to touch the gold bar and guess it current value".
They added “We definitely felt the trip was worthwhile and helped enhance our knowledge of currency and preserving the integrity of the value of money”.