Student Showcases Creative Talent!

Loïc Xavier has been involved with designing the Politics Twitter Logo and an amazing music video recognised by 'TikiKiti' a popular reviewing site.

Current student Loïc Xavier aged 17 from Wokingham has designed a logo for the college politics twitter account and also an amazing music video which has been picked out by music website TikiKiti who described it as containing “More scenes of travel, romantic fallout, and Marilyn Monroe come together in a painfully cathartic collage. Pro tip: You’re never over it.”

Loïc, who studies A level Politics, Media and Sociology says “The Henley College has provided me with opportunities to meet and work with a diverse group of people, as well as being able to enhance my learning skills by exploring a variety of new subjects and topics. I designed the logo to help advertise our Twitter page for Politics, which is used as an online platform to share articles and videos that allows students to further elevate our understanding of what we are studying in class. The image consists of letters from different UK political parties to represent the diversity of the opinions within our class.

To view the Twitter image click here


He goes on to add “The music video was created for my Media coursework, and was stylised as an alternative narrative video focusing on 1950s Paris, tragic romance, and Marilyn Monroe. It was well-received by friends & staff and was further recognised as the Editor's Choice by TikiKiti, an online organisation that spotlights independent music and movie creators. I found this to be an extremely enjoyable and interesting experience, as I worked with students from Performing Arts, used studio equipment, and travelled across Southern England and France.”

After college, Loïc hopes to study Creative Media at Bath Spa University and reflects that “when I started at The Henley College, I intended to study International Relations, however, as I was open to more opportunities and experiences, I found I extremely enjoyed creating and editing media content!”

To watch Loïc's music video click here