Former Student features in TV show 'Vanity Fair'

Ed Simons attended the college from 2010, and works as a Geologist, however has an interesting hobby which has led him to feature on the TV show 'Vanity Fair'.

My Name is Ed Simons and I attended Henley College between 2010 and 2012. Whilst at the College I Studied Geography, Geology, Environmental Science and Biology A Levels and achieved an A B B and C.

I chose to attend the College due to the fact I'd failed my first year of A levels at Maiden Erlegh school and when I came to look around Henley it just seemed like a better fit. That bit of extra freedom to do what you want to do rather than being controlled by a school time table.

There are so many good memories of my time at the College it’s hard to decide. I think the fieldtrips (of which there were many) stand out as the best times. We always had a really good time which I think really helps with remembering what I learned. It shows because I can still remember them clearly even 8 years down the line.

I'm currently working as a Geologist for a ground investigations company out of Wokingham, it definitely was the job I've always wanted to do. I always had ambitions of being an exploration Geologist and travelling the world but hopefully I can explore this option at some point. Film and TV is something that I have started doing on the side as a hobby. I was lucky enough to get to know the right people whilst I was at university which gave me the experience I needed to work with firearms and other weapons. This was how I came to feature on the TV show, ‘Vanity Fair’.

I think the main thing I gained other than my A-levels was confidence to do my own thing and strive to be what I wanted to be. The College environment has such a wide variety of people from all different areas, it taught me how to communicate better with people and be myself.”

Some advice I would give is to take pride in everything you do it makes you who you are. From my own experience, you should also do something that you enjoy whether it be cutting hair or building rockets if it makes you happy then it’s the job for you.