Business students pitch ideas in Dragons Den

Our Business students had the opportunity to pitch their fundraising ideas to a team of distinguished 'Dragons' this week and receive valuable feedback.

This week our level 2 Business students were visited by an illustrious panel of ‘Dragons’ in the Dragons’ Den event. The Dragons were from a varied background in industry, commerce and social enterprise. Mr. James Lingard, General Manager of 4th largest TESCO Extra in UK, Mr. Richard Pennant-Jones, Head of Marketing for Co-op, Mr. Simon West, Oxfordshire Experience Delivery Manager along with Mr. John Clark, a Social Enterprise specialist, both working with NCS, Damian Reeve, social enterprise expert at Unloc. The Dragon's described out students as 'Amazing, Inspiring and Confident'

The panel also featured winners last year’s Level 2 students and participants of Dragons’ Den at The Henley College, Kai Drummond and James Moss, current year 1 students of Business Level 3 and Travel and Tourism Level 3 at The Henley College.

The event was all about our Business Level 2 students working on a Social enterprise that they set up in small groups to help a local child going through Neuroblastma. As a part of their Unit, they set up different 'Social Enterprise Companies' to raise funds for Oliver ( This involved them conducting at least 2 fundraising events per group. Their ideas range from raffles, sweet shops to sponsored silence, etc complete with their own justgiving pages for Oliver, which connect to his main page. Students have already pledged upwards of £500 and the amount is increasing, every minute, thanks to their events and justgiving pages.

Even though it was a sombre day of support and solidarity towards Oliver, it was also a competition amongst the various groups, culminating in three top groups. The deserving winners were Manvir, Tim and Matt for their tuck shop idea, very very closely followed by Chloe, Rizu, Daliya, Beth and Abigail for the cake shop idea. Third prize went to Yasmine, Maimana and Jessica for their Pub Quiz idea.

Spontaneous prizes were also given to ‘out of the box’ idea of students’ sponsored silence presented by William and Tom and also to 5 other students who stepped in to help other students, celebrating the spirit of camaraderie within the group.

Swapna Jare, Travel and Tourism teacher said about the event- "All in all, an exhilarating and celebratory event for our level 2 Business 2 students, who worked hard to achieve success and en route gained skills and confidence."