College Coaches

The Henley College runs nine coaches from within Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Please see the below information to find the coach closest to where you live. 

College-run coach routes and timetables are available to view/download at the bottom of this page. 

Cost of The College Coach

The cost of the college coach for the academic year is £920, which can be paid in full or in two instalments (including a £20 administration fee). If you would like to pay in instalments a first payment of £525 will need to be paid to secure your space on the coach and a second payment of £415 will need to be made by the 2nd January 2019.

Financial assistance

Students requiring financial assistance with their travel costs may be eligible for a bursary. Please visit the Bursary Fund page for further information. 

Application process for second year students

Deadline Tuesday 4 September

  1. Locate your ParentPay login details, you will have been issued an account at the beginning of the academic year. If you have lost these details you will need to contact a member of the MIS team by either emailing or phoning 01491 634061. 
  2. Download the relevant coach timetable and make a note of the coach number, pick up place and time you wish to apply for.
  3. Complete the online application form.
  4. Pay the fee of the college coach via either in full for £920 or with the first instalment of £525. Please note: you may have to scroll through the active payments listed to find your desired payment amount.
  5. If you have applied for financial assistance please ensure you have sent the correct bursary fund application with the correct photocopied evidence to Student Services and then complete the online college coach application form. A member of the Student Services will then be in touch regarding your application.

Bus pass renewal application forms

Please click on the correct link below to fill out the online bus pass renewal application form (please note this is for returning students only):

Buckinghamshire: B20 | B21 | B22

Oxfordshire: H1/H8 | H3/H4 | H5/H7 | H10

Berkshire: 302 | 351/302


Application process for first year students

  1. Applications for college-run coaches will only be available on your enrolment date.
  2. Please view the college-run coach timetables to find your nearest stop and make a note of the coach number and pick-up time.
  3. A full payment of £920 or a first instalment of £525 will need to be made during enrolment in order for a bus pass to be issued. If paying by instalments a £20 administration fee will be charged and the second payment will be due 2 January 2019.
  4. Once payment has been received for the college-run coach, a bus pass will be printed at the end of the enrolment process. 



There are three coach services run by Heyfordian: B20 | B21 | B22

Please download the Buckinghamshire route and timetable document below to find your nearest stop and pick-up time. 


There are four coach services run by Horseman: H1/H8 | H3/H4 | H5/H7 | H10

Please download the Oxfordshire route and timetable document below to find your nearest stop and pick-up time. 

Berkshire (Wokingham area)

There are two coach services run by Horseman: 302 | 351/302

Please download the Wokingham route and timetable document below to find your nearest stop and pick-up time. 

Contact Information

Our coaches are run by Horseman Coaches and Heyfordian Coaches. Should you need to contact the coach companies for clarification on routes or stops please use the contact information below:

Horseman: 0118 975 3811       |        Heyfordian: 01869 241 500