Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

What is Equality, Diversity & Inclusion?

It is important to understand what we mean by Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at The HENLEY College.

What is equality?

Equality is the framework which provides every individual with the same opportunity to participate and to fulfil their potential. Equality enables a fairer environment which recognises that everyone has individual needs and the right to have those needs respected.

What is diversity?

Diversity is about recognising individual as well as group differences, treating people as individuals, and placing positive value on the distinctions between individuals. The differences within and between groups of people should be respected. The successful implementation of equality and diversity in all aspects of work ensures that colleagues, staff and students are valued, motivated and treated fairly.

What is inclusion?

Inclusion embraces all learners and entails taking action to remove barriers to participation and learning. Inclusion also involves eliminating discrimination and promoting equality.

Leaders in Diversity

Leaders in Diversity logo

The Henley College is delighted to be recognised as a Leader in Diversity which is the highest award that can be granted by the National Centre for Diversity. The Leaders in Diversity Award recognises the College’s excellence in equality, diversity and inclusion practice its role as an EDI ambassador.

The award of Leaders in Diversity in December 2014 built upon the attainment of Investors in Diversity Stage 1 in April 2011 and Investor in Diversity Stage 2 in April 2013.

Beryl Richardson, Director of HR and Professional Development, commented: ‘This award represents the culmination of a journey the College commenced in April 2011 and recognises our all-encompassing approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.’

In January 2016 The NCFD launched the Top 100 index as part of their 10 Year Anniversary celebrations. This index highlights the very best of the UK across 600 organisations and the Henley College features at number 50 which is a fantastic endorsement of our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and the excellent work undertaken across these areas by the College.