Economics is the scientific study of choices made by individuals, firms and governments, and the effect of these choices on the economy. Economics is a wide ranging subject which touches on every aspect of industrial and commercial life. As a result study of Economics will broaden your understanding of the business world and encourage you to evaluate some of the consequences of business and government decisions. Study of Economics is useful to those intending to enter the business or commercial world since it is included as a core subject in the examinations of all the professional bodies.

Economics is a difficult subject to summarise in a few lines and is probably unlike many of the subjects which you will have studied at school.

It is an academic subject which provides a good link between science and arts subjects. It is scientific in its investigative nature and requires good logical and analytical skills together with the ability to produce convincing written argument.

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Leonor Furtado

Leonor fully deserved the economics award in recognition of her outstanding levels of enthusiasm and diligence towards the subject.
Very keen to participate in class debates and discussions, she could always be relied upon to offer incisive contributions and evaluate her arguments to positive effect, incorporating relevant economic concepts. In addition she had a keen sense of humour which endeared her to peers and staff alike.
She is obviously a young economist of considerable potential and is clearly destined for an encouraging future in the discipline.