Dance AS/A Level

What will I study?

This course is designed for qualified students from any Dance background, who wish to study Dance in depth.

It is physically and academically demanding, requiring motivation and commitment. All practical work will take place in the College's large, professionally equipped Dance Studio.

Critical thinking is essential and this course will suit those who are inquisitive, creative and strive for excellence. You will gain an insight into all aspects of Dance and will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of the subject.

Core areas you will explore include Dance technique, the art of choreography, anatomy,
health and fitness, the history of Dance and the analysis of professional works.

You will also enjoy opportunities to perform at a range of events, including the College Dance Show and regional competitions.

What next?

This course is excellent preparation for students who would like to pursue a career in Dance, with possible future career paths including dancer, Dance teacher, fitness trainer and physiotherapist, or to study Dance in Higher Education.

Former students have continued their studies in the subject at institutions such as London Studio Centre, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Bird College, Arts Educational, Chichester University and Northampton University.

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Talia Chasno


Talia was an outstanding student. She worked with extreme dedication, drive and discipline that is very rare to see in a student of her age. She is immensely passionate about dance and developed considerably during her time hat Henley.

When Talia dances you feel the movement with her as she expresses every single moment, extending lines and using the breath to enhance the dance. She works excellently with music, creating relationships between music and movement that correlate and support each another. Talia has successfully auditioned her own work for the College dance shows. She has challenged herself, producing works as a soloist and for a large number of dancers. This requires great organisation and communication.

Talia exhales this great passion for life, learning and dance that enables her to stand out. She is eager to be taught, immensely ambitious and aspires to learn as much as she can. Talia has represented the College in dance festivals at South Hill Park and in celebration of the Olympics 2012. She choreographed for American artist Frankie on her recent UK tour. This was a huge achievement for someone so young and Talia flourished in the role.



Key Information

Practical Exam (60/50%), Written Exam (40/50%)

1 year (AS)/2 years (A Level)

Entry requirements:

Standard entry requirements
plus grade C in GCSE Science and Dance or Level 5 Dance certificate in Jazz, Modern or Ballet.

Exam board:



£150 for specialist dance clothing, theatre trips and workshops.

To support the transition to A Level learning we recommend that students complete this task during the summer. Click here to download >>

Programme Leader:
Tara Bloomfield

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