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Our new Digital Marketer Apprenticeship is aimed at those who work in a digital industry role. It allows apprentices to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the digital industries. To find out more click the link below:

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Advanced Apprenticeship - Digital Marketer

The Advanced Apprenticeship is for those whose primary role is of digital marketer.  Apprentices will be defining, building and implementing digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention. A digital marketer will typically be working as part of a team, in which they will have responsibility for some of the straightforward elements of the overall marketing plan or campaign.  The marketer will work to marketing briefs and instructions. 

Apprentices must achieve 3 marketing modules built up of several competencies and one internationally recognised vendor or professional qualification to complete the qualification.  

Technical Competencies include:
  • Written communication: applied a good level of written communication skills for a range of audiences and digital platforms and with regard to the sensitivity of communication
  • Research: analyses and contributes information on the digital environment to inform short and long term digital communications strategies and campaigns
  • Technologies: recommends and applies effective, secure and appropriate solutions using a wide variety of digital technologies and tools over a range of platforms and user interfaces to achieve marketing objectives.
  • Data: reviews, monitors and analyses online activity and provides recommendations and insights to others
  • Digital analytics: measures and evaluates the success of digital marketing activities
Technical Knowledge and Understanding includes:
  • Understanding the principles of coding
  • Understands and can apply basic marketing principles
  • Understands and can apply the customer lifecycle
  • Understanding the role of customer relationship marketing
  • Understanding the main components of Digital and Social Media strategies 
  • One-off induction
  • Monthly College workshops and work-based supported learning
  • On-the-job assessments
  • Employer led work related skills training
Duration 18 months

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