Introduction - Governing Body & its Role

The Henley College’s governing body is The Henley College Corporation.  The Governors are volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds across the College’s community.

The current Chair of Governors is Peter le Conte, who is supported by Vice-Chair Simon White.

The Corporation meets regularly and is administered and advised by the Corporation Secretary, Jacky Gearey, who is independent of College management and has access to independent professional advice.

The Corporation’s statutory responsibilities are:

(a) determine and review the college’s educational character, mission, vision and values;

(b) approving the college’s quality strategy;

(c) oversee the effective and efficient use of resources, safeguard the solvency of the college;

(d) approving annual estimates of income and expenditure;

(e) appoint, appraise and determine the pay and conditions of senior post holders and set a framework for the pay and conditions of all other staff;

(g) other corporate responsibilities in law, e.g. safeguarding, health & safety.

The Corporation’s role is strategic and it does not involve itself in the day to day management of the college – this is the responsibility of the Principal.